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2022/23 Colour Trend: Self Core

Wellness done differently - optimistic, bright and with a tinge of 60s; this is a fast growing trend that you will be seeing populate your feeds soon. The world in the post Covid era is looking for cheerfulness, freshness and the ability to learn from our mistakes - with the emphasis on mindfulness and intense self care.

Keeping all this in mind, I have developed a trends for 2022/23 called Self Core. This is self care taken seriously, but made light and airy, reminiscing of a time when we were younger and all we needed to care about was how to spend the day having fun.

Brush strokes are artsy, uneven and rough; colour palettes are delightfully retro and evocative of 60s packaging and interiors. Themes are cheerful, with oodles of fruits, squiggles and fun florals.

Emphasis sits on self care, so this trend fits best brands that deal with skincare, yoga, life coaching and similar - it can however, offer a chance to expand a brand into unknown waters; give a tired look a genuine and human feel.

I have developed a number of products under this style - perfect for upgrading your brand and packaging into this new fresh and juicy trend. See below!

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