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2023 Trend: Y2K Love

Let's face it, Y2K is something very different for us that have lived through it than what we see presented in today's media. Yes, there was a lot of cool outfits, rounded effects and neon green, but also lots cringe worthy graphics, the tech was heavy (remember when you could still take out the battery from your phone?), we loved the blur effect and a metric ton of pinks, icy blues and purples.

And it is these colours I cherished the most whilst working on my 2000s inspired products. I have compiled them for you below; they work brilliantly for any Y2K projects, from social media, web products and packaging as well as print.

The biggest project I have worked on in a while is my Kaybug Library: over 400 design assets,

covering everything from those popular wireframes, cute cat faces, butterflies, old phones, flags, icons and so much more - this collection is set to be your go to product for a long while. Stack 'em all up, layer it for that ultimate cringe look everyone for some reason really loves these days. It's all about the irony, apparently (but nobody wants to revive the thin eyebrow moment for some reason).

Another cool tool I have built with this theme is the Kaybug Plastic PSD Action Kit; Plasticky, abstract, delicious 3D textures that perfectly compliment any 90s or Y2K inspired project.

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