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2022 Colour Design Trend: Rave Identity

If you're looking for some 2022 colour trends to energise your new designs, you're in the right place!

The years behind us have been a whirlwind of things we could have not expected or predicted in any way - the pandemic, lockdowns, social isolation and more. Life has changed irrevocably and everything seems a bit glum - which is exactly why you are seeing incredibly bright, saturated colours popping up in design lately. Doesn't make sense? One word: escapism.

After being shut off from the world, it is only natural we are all trying to escape into a brighter, better world. You've seen this happen with the stratospheric increase of metaverses - places where we can hang out virtually, without leaving home. We can party without feeling tired; we can socialise without overspending; we can be creative without experience.

With all this want & need for an alternative universe also comes a tug towards nostalgia; the older generation looking back and reminiscing, whilst the younger generation daydreams and idolises anything old.

I have collated all this and more into a new trend that I am calling The Rave Identity. This trend is looking to extend into 2023 and it is basically everything we have seen happening in the metaverse, extending into our world; neo gothic symbols, 3D everything, rave colours, Tumblresque and y2k aesthetic.

In this tune, I am also building products which complement this style, but adding my touch to it: a bit of fun and a bit of whimsy. See below!

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