Name: cross between Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds an the fact that I live near the prettiest part of London, called Highbury Fields.

I'm learning how to see mistakes as a good part of life and this shop is a part of it. Wonky lines, unfilled bits and questionable anatomy always plagued me - so I decided to finally, wholeheartedly and unequivocally embrace these quirks.

print & textile designer, based in Highbury, London



A big part of my creativity is story telling. Every picture, every face and every line comes attached to in parts memories, in parts dreams or otherwise imagination. Every print or t shirt will come with it's own bio as they live on their own lives as separate entities; gathering friends and adding onto their own memories.

I'm tempted to call myself a veteran of the fashion and textile industry at the ripe age of 30, but alas - I shall pass up the opportunity.

A trained fashion designer (thanks for the BA and MA, mum&dad!), I have spent years working in menswear, womenswear and even dabbled in some homewares. 

I ended up settling on print and textiles. My current commercial prints on offer are available through Voo Print studio as well as a small selection through me. As the commercial world demands, I am a prolific illustrator of anything from fiddly paisleys to big, bold botanical blooms.

Another part of my 'day job' is brand consulting - typically with start up fashion brands. I offer help in setting up, everything from establishing your product range & costing to setting up a reliable supply chain and an address book of manufacturers.

For all commissions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact me via email, angelalukanovich@gmail.com

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