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2022/23 Colour Trend: Neo Postmodern

Away we do with minimalism, washed out colour palettes and the depressive vibes of the past few years - enter positivity, maximalism and absurdity!

One of the new trends I have developed for 2022/23 is called Squiggle Diggle. Delightfully colourful and entirely over the top, it serves as a bridge between the uber trendy retro postmodern look and the newly glorified NFT world.

This is all about the retro dimension done differently; like an escape into a retro game simulation, whilst simultaneously dropping in psychedelic bits and bobs to really boggle the mind.

Think 3D, but not the super high def CGI look - more like retro gaming, 3D pixels and funny proportions. Evoking the postmodern vibes of the 70s, there is also a healthy dose of early tech influence, mixed with vaporwave of the 80s. Basically a smorgasbord of all things retro - but in a new, fresh look.

When working on postmodern inspired projects, make sure to add in a good chunk of neon colours to really bring out the maximalist look and stretch your artwork across the entire artboard, product or what have you - remember, maximalism is all about flaunting it, not hiding.

Pair it all with 90s serif fonts or more fun ones (think Bubble Toy by Ana Yvy) and oversize it as much as possible. Don't forget to also add a healthy dose of retro grain, because who want a boring, clean render?

I have developed a number of products under this style - perfect for upgrading your brand and packaging into this new, fresh trend. You can also save a good chunk of $$$ and get the Postmodern Library Bundle; over 2,000 design assets at a 80% off bundle - commercial license at $79 instead of $399! See below:

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