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Procreate Brushes I Actually Use

So how many Procreate brushes do you have? Not enough, right? That's every designer's peril - having literally thousands of brushes, which we excitedly use on purchase - and then promptly forget about the lot of them within the next 2 hours.

That's my Procreate life in a nutshell anyway - but there is a list of brush packs that I actually consistently use. My tip is to not go for massive packs of everything imaginable, but cheaper, smaller packs that you will instantly be able to use without scrolling forever.

Another quick tip is to make your own folder of favorite brushes so you can pop back into it whenever you need - just duplicate the brush and move into your favs folder.

Before I go into all of this, I have to link you to the website where I buy everything - which is Creative Market. I also sell on there and obviously profit from this website, but in all honesty it will always be my number one go to website for all my resources and needs.

So without further ado:

FeminiBrush by Nurmiftah Lucky for me, I got this one as one of the Free Goods on CM - and surprisingly it ended up being one of the most used brushes on my Procreate. There is just something so easy and flexible about them. P.s.: I maxed out the streamline option on all of them to really get that slick sketches line. I use these dudes on any fashion sketches for clients or flat mock ups. Fantastic.

Inkers by Idle Letters This is my go to set of brushes for a couple of things; specifically, for any shapes I want to be 'slightly' wonky when I vectorise them as it gives me a good closed shape - as well as for fiddly little paisleys as it includes an incredibly useful dotted brush for going around your elements!

Texture Town by seamlessteam This is a pretty straightforward texture set which I use when I am doing raster graphics (although, they live trace pretty nicely as well if need be). Mostly, I use the grains to blend out shadows with a bit of texture. Tip: to get good shadows, use it in the same color as your base layer, but put the shadow layer to 50% opacity and to multiply. Easy shadowing!)

Realistic Procreate Watercolor Kit by Katsia Jazwinska This is pretty much an all in one watercolor studio for Procreate - if you get this, you won't need anything else, trust me. Anyone that spends a lot of time on Procreate can tell you painting watercolor isn't so much painting as much as recreating. This set makes that task much easier & not to mention, it even includes video tutorials. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it's incredibly rewarding once you do!

Stipple Studio for Procreate by True Grit Texture Supply I use a lot of shadowing that I end up live tracing in Illustrator and because I don't like that cold, dry vector shadow look that everyone uses, I go for a more wonky, graphic shadows sort of a thing. This set is perfect for that - stippling your shadows or details adds almost a 3D layer to your artwork and honestly, it's super gratifying with the least amount of work.

Procreate Grain Brushes by MiksKS Another grain set! I just realised I apparently only use wonky pencil brushes and grains. This set is different from all of the above in a way that it has much more small detailing; it's the sort of brush I'll use if I want the flower to look less glossy and add a bit of dirt to it. It's also great if you're drawing in a really graphic style as it will elevate any simple drawing with just a layer or two of grain.

Scrolling through all my brushes, I realise I truly use only a couple of brushes from these packs (as well as the basic monoline which is perfect for drawing directly in color separated files for fashion print). Having said that, it doesn't stop me from buying packs of brushes very often and I encourage that - even if you don't use them all, they will inspire some level of imagination and inevitably become a start to something!

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