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2021 Color Trends For Digital Resources Designers

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Do color palettes evade you as much as they do me? I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time trawling Pinterest, Google Trends, WGSN, Tumblr, etc. On top of this, different products demand different seasons - currently my digital products follow an early 2021 color palette; my home prints are always in the present (so currently fall/winter 2020) and my fashion print is waaaay ahead - doing print for spring/summer 2022.

I mostly follow color palettes of the 'experts' and proper trend forecasting, but I'm particularly good at sussing out digital product color palettes on my own. It's always a combination of digging through Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest as well as checking some trends on Marmalead (Etsy).

P.s. if you're looking for more retro 2021/2022 color trends, see my other post on this here!

Here's what I've managed to dig out for 2021 digital products:

70s Groove

Predictably, the whole retro feel is continuing into the new year. Having said that, the whole earthy feel that we recognise from the past year is transforming into more punchy graphics with deep yellows, terracotta oranges and skin shades. To really use this trend in a different, new way, go for a more geo look, maybe abstract - as opposed to the overused organic foliage we keep seeing in this color palette these days.


I know, I know - people have talked about this trend to its death - but in reality, it hasn't even hit its peak yet. Think light blues, gentle botanicals, even toile prints - all made into more of an adult setting, less fairy tale. This will be especially prevalent in stationery and packaging come spring 2021, infused with dreamy inspirational quotes.

Phantasmagoria I might be calling this one too early, but I'm already seeing products on marketplaces that follow this aesthetic. It's the mystic trend that we already see, but going more adult, serious - almost horror. Colors are deep, dark, with some proper warm injections. There will be a massive resurgence of grunge-y textures, glitch actions and similar.

Acid, Acid, Acid

Again, back on track with the retro theme, this one is a familiar sight - tie dye has already been making the rounds for some time, but this time we're pulling out the color palette and not the theme; think acidy yellows, washed out blues, hints of pink.

Fauvism Rules

As expected, this Matisse trend is still dragging onwards and upwards, with designers exploring more of the famed artist's repertoire. The colors are particularly refreshing, if you dive into the oil paintings and not so much into his decoupage; brilliant shades of blue, red, orange, mint green. There is a also color palette for this in my Matisse Studio Procreate pack!

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